About Us

Pop-Up Shop University (P.U.S.U.) started out as a class created by Theresa Taylor in 2022 in order to help current vendors and new businesses who were struggling with producing profits from participating in Pop-Up Shops. As a vendor herself for her bath and body and beauty brand, she was generating, on average, $1000 every weekend by just working 2-3 days over the weekends. Her comrades were often amazed at her results and always inquired of her tactics. From realizing she was really good at sales via live events such as pop-up shops, she produced a class for it, which she would eventually develop into a business academy, as she quickly realized that there was more to what she knew and could share with the masses with business knowledge overall. Today, P.U.S.U. has more classes and resources available in order to help serve a broader clientele, with a focus on entrepreneurship, business etiquette, and development.

P.U.S.U. offers digital courses on creating a business, credit restoration & credit establishment materials, business eBooks, business classes, business and office stationery, and is currenting building and growing. It is not just a business school, but a business consultation firm as well. So, it serves all in the business sector and community.